Friday, March 6, 2009

Toolbar Webinar Feedback

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Read feedback from other toolbar webinar attendees . . .

Thank you for an amazing seminar and instructional tour of your amazing ETP Toolbar. Much appreciated. Thank you taking time out of your schedule to help us understand and navigate the tool bar. It is vital that we know how to share the link to the toolbar with others. -Orietta

You had given me a quick overview when I first downloaded the toolbar. It is very easy to use and has lots of useful features. It certainly does what you said and I would definitely recommend it. -Ruth

While I had it installed for about a week I never used it due to lack of time to learn how to use it - SO THIS EVENT HAD GREAT TIMING; TONIGHT WAS THE 1ST TIME And ITS APPLICATION APPEARS TO BE FANTASTIC. AS I TOLD CARL, I CAN SEE MYSELF USING IT AS MY DASHBOARD TO HELP DRIVE ROI to “ME, Inc,”. Thank you – Carl did a great job of presenting what could have been overwhelming information in a manner that was very fun, pleasant and easily digestible. -Lou

It looks like a great tool. I look forward to using it. -Judy


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