Saturday, July 12, 2008

How Does the Smart Radar Work?

DOWNLOAD FREE ETP Web Browser App with Smart Radar

How about job opportunities coming to you, instead of you having to look for jobs? How about a tool that continuously searches for job opportunities that match your skills, while you're sleeping, watching a Sopranos rerun or spending time with your family? 
The "Smart Radar" system allows you to receive specific job opportunities, customized to your particular skills or job title and within 15-100 miles from your zip code.

"Smart Radar" System leverages RSS technology and allows for extremely quick access to job opportunities, specific to your skills. No More bouncing around the Internet on Monster, Career Builder, company job posting sites etc. to search for jobs. Now you can focus on more important career management tasks or have more leisure time.

A yellow star burst appears next to your menu screen name when new jobs or business opportunities have been posted anywhere on the Internet. You click on the opportunity from the toolbar menu. Your are immediately taken right to the web page that contains the job description and application.

Every 30-60 minutes the
Smart Radar sweeps the Internet. Then the toolbar Smart Radar System brings posted opportunities directly to you. Can we say "Yessss" to saving time.

This Smart Radar toolbar feature is only available to "ETP Network Members. Get a 30 day free subscription by submitting a complimentary (free) application to become an
ETP Network Member.

"Smart Radar" works tirelessly to bring customized job opportunities right to your computer. Now isn't that better than you spending 2, 3, 6 hours or more a day surfing around the Internet searching for jobs that match your skills?

Do any other organizations you belong to have a tool available that helps members find jobs quicker? How long can you afford to wait to land your next job? The clock is ticking. Tick Tock - Tick Tock


Anonymous said...

Smart Radar sounds pretty good. However, I have to tell you at this juncture in time even $60 sounds like a lot of money. What you should do is make a deal that if Smart Radar does in fact result in leads that results in employment themn the newly employed individual would contribute $100. I, for one, would be more than happy to make that agreement, as I am sure most others would.


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