Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Career Homework Helper

We are all at different places in our career. What is the right path to take at this point in my career? This ETP Network toolbar feature helps eliminate the guess work. From being over 50, a new college graduate, military veterans returning to the civilian work force or a worker with disabilities, the ETP Network toolbar provides excellent resources in helping with the next steps. Anyone willing to work must perceive themselves as being a valuable resource within the workforce. We each have something to offer. The ETP Network provides you with a little direction.

From the ETP Network toolbar "Tools" pull down menu click on Business Intelligence Tools>
Career Homework Helper

Military Veteran Transition Resources to Civilian Jobs
Retired From the Military?
For Parents Returning to Work
Hot Jobs in the Hottest Markets
Over 50? Do What You Always Wanted
Young and the Restless
Fastest Growing Technology Sectors
Diversity Job Search Resources
People with Disabilities (PWD) in the Workforce
Lime Connect
Should You Reveal Your Disability in a Job Interview?
Career and Job Resources for Disabled-American Job-Seekers
Recruiters Seek Disabled Students
Multiculturial / Diversity Job Resources


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