Monday, November 9, 2009

Toolbar Feedback: Amanda Sherman

"On a scale of 1 (not useful) to 5 (very useful) the ETP Network toolbar with Smart Radar is definitely a 5.  My overall experience with using the toolbar is the Smart Radar being set up to help folks quickly identify opportunities and make better quality contacts.  The 7 Step Job Search in the toolbar provides good methods and techniques for getting closer to decision makers. Without the crucial  functions of the ETP Network toolbar, then you are just applying for job positions blindly." -Amanda Sherman, CEO of Gala Affairs by Aturbest and ETP Network Platinum Member

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smart Radar Update: Today 23 People Currently Have 1,018 Customized Job Openings Automatically Delivered to Their Computer Screen

How many hours did you spend on the Internet yesterday looking for a job? Imagine enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, while reviewing  opportunities that already match your skills. Now you spend the morning connecting with advocates for potential interviews.

Today 23 people are spending
ZERO time looking for jobs and business opportunities. The ETP Network toolbar Smart Radar automatically delivered 1,018 customized job openings to each person subscribed to it. 

The only task these 23 people have to spend time doing is submit a value proposition to each opportunity. This expedites getting interviews.

Tomorrow more job opportunities will automatically be delivered to the computer of each Smart Radar subscriber.

Will you be one of those
Smart Radar subscribers?
Verify these Smart Radar statistics for yourself.

Click here to get the free ETP toolbar with Smart Radar

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Be a Networking Leader

Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Network has five (5) specific objectives (goals) that make up each member’s Career Management Plan:
  1. Find a job where passion and income intersect, which allows looking forward to Monday.
  2. Develop a career backup plan for Goal #1 (JOB)
  3. Develop a trusted network of 200+ individuals
  4. Generate multiple sources of income (not in conflict with primary)
  5. Be a networking leader
One of the best ways to be at the center of your network is by organizing events. By making things happen for other people, with coordinating an event, positions you as a rainmaker in your network. You don't have to be a professional event planner or event producer to have a successful networking event. If you have one of these resources in your network, you do want to seek their guidance and counsel.

The ETP Network toolbar provides some cool event planning tools. My favorite is the low cost, high impact tool, which allows you to promote your event on Internet calendars, TV, radio and newspapers. It eliminates the drag of going around the Internet to post your event on calendars. Some of these media include Crain's Business New York, Village Voice, Time out New York, Craigslist and many more sites.

From the ETP Network toolbar Click on the "Tools" pull down menu > Networking Events and Resources >

Event Leader Tools
Successful Event Checklist by
Event Leader Guide
Pop In to Event Leader Virtual Meeting Area
BizBash - Event Planning Tips, Trends, Venues etc.
BizBash Online
Free Subscription to BizBash Magazine (hard copy)
PRLog Free Press Release Distribution for Your Event
Promote Your Event to Internet Calendars, Newspapers, Radio & TV
Add Your Event to LinkedIn Calendar
Invite Your Friends on Facebook

Thursday, October 1, 2009

ETP Toolbar Update: Hot Button Functions

There are changes and additions to the ETP Network toolbar hot buttons.

etp toolbar calendar logo.JPG Register for training conference calls and events on ETP Network calendar.

etpnews logo.JPG
Join, then Read archived articles on the ETP News Group

Get help using ETP Network toolbar on the Career Management Swiss Army Knife blog.

etp toolbar helpdesk logo.JPG
Expedite your complimentary coaching session with ETP Network Career Helpdesk

etp toolbar linkedin logo.JPGQuick access to LinkedIn or ETP Network LinkedIn Platinum Group
Become a fan or visit ETP Network group on Facebook
Follow ETP Network on Twitter. New career management article tweets sent everyday. ETP Network toolbar overview video on YouTube. Yes, we will be updating the video. The current video still provides some useful tidbits in overall toolbar operation.

social-media1[1].jpg Interact and connect with Platinum members in the ETP Socal Network

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to Identify Market Demand For Your Skills

Radar2[1] is the smart professional's tool of choice to identify market demand for your skills. is the Google search engine focused only on locating job opportunities . In nearly "real time", any job posted on the Internet will be located by From unknown, obscure job boards to company web site job postings to Monster, Career Builder etc., will locate a job, within minutes of it being posted on the Internet. There is a caveat with using . . .

Looking For a Job is a Waste of Time
Do you really want to waste time spending hours upon days doing manual job searches on Isn't it more efficient use of your time scheduling job interviews?

In enters the ETP Network toolbar Smart Radar. How can you verify a subscription to Smart Radar will automatically bring you customized job opportunities that match your skills?

You can test your search before completing the Smart Radar registration form by going to first. Enter your job title / skill and your zip code. Within 25 to 50 miles of your zip code, search results should return 250 or more job openings that match your skill space. 250+ job opportunities will indicate serious market demand for your skills. This is enough to validate available opportunities in your space. Now you can complete the Smart Radar registration form form with your 3 search criteria each containing 3 words or less.

This puts your customized job search on autopilot.
Smart Radar is set it and forget. You just eliminated any time spent looking for a job. Now you can spend more time scheduling interviews.

Here is an example of what a full valid programmable
Smart Radar search should be [3 search criteria each containing 3 words or less]:
"Project Manager" or "Systems Analyst" or "Pharma Technical Analyst"

(this whole search string can be placed within an search for verification)

Go to > MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS menu option. Scroll down to Smart Radar benefit and click on "start a Smart Radar subscription" link. Or click here to go directly to Smart Radar registration form.