Friday, March 13, 2009

Google, Yahoo, ETP Network Toolbars in Harmony

During our last free career coaching conference call, which had 68 participants, one person expressed reservations about installing the ETP Network toolbar. This concern referred to any web browser technical conflicts with having both the ETP Network toolbar and the Google toolbar installed. Other people may have the same concerns regarding the Yahoo! toolbar.

Our tests indicate there are no conflicts installing the
ETP Network toolbar with either the Google or Yahoo! toolbars. This includes using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers. Our experience is technical difficulties that appear to be toolbar related are usually web browser related. This appears to happen more often in Internet Explorer, than Firefox.

The ETP Network toolbar also contains no spyware or adware.

Let's compare toolbar features

Google Toolbar

ETP Network Toolbar

Yahoo! Toolbar


Eliminates job search time

Supports 30+ media players


Add gadgets

Yahoo! Mail alerts

Pop-up blocker

Expedites adding 200+ people to your network

Create 1 click site buttons

Spell check

Media player

Eliminate spyware


Access to “live” free weekly career coaching sessions

Access other Yahoo web site areas

Page Ranking tool

Pop up blocker

Other features

Add widgets

Custom jobs brought to you

Other features

Media player

Connect with advocates to get job interviews quicker

Other career business intelligence features

Receive new email alerts from your favorite email system(s)



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