Thursday, May 5, 2011

Smart Radar Eliminates Time with Step #2

Performing step #2 of the ETP "7 Step Job Search" (c) can consume more time than any of the other steps.   Identifying market demand for your skills is crucial to proceeding to the next steps.

You can hear the Jeopardy TV show theme song playing in the background, while hanging out on and other job boards searching for opportunities that match your skills. You look up and it's late afternoon.  Where did the day go?

What does subscribing to the
Smart Radar do for me? We're glad you asked that question.

If you are in transition . . .

  • Find out immediately what companies are looking for your skills 
  • Time spent looking for job opportunities is eliminated
  • You can spend each day more productively working on the other steps in the "7 Step Job Search" (c)
  • Have more leisure time to spend with family, while Smart Radar automatically brings you job opportunities
  • While your sleeping Smart Radar is working tirelessly to find company job requirements that EXACTLY match your skills
If you are currently employed . . .

  • Stay on top of your game with continuous market intelligence in your field 
  • Be positioned to make intelligent business decisions on direction changes in skill set
  • Know when it's time to upgrade or develop new skills within your core market
  • Be aware of shifts in market demand to know when it's time to develop specialty skills within your core skill set

There are 4 easy steps to activate a Smart Radar subscription.

  1. Click here to register for Empowering Today's Professionals FREE Job search Tools and Resources. 
  2. Download the ETP web browser app 
  3. Go to TRAINING CALENDAR menu option 
  4. If you choose to be come a paid full ETP member, then you can register for Smart Radar activation by filling out skill matching form.
Once you fill out the form, it takes 24-48 hours for your Smart Radar subscription to be activated.