Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to Identify Market Demand For Your Skills

Radar2[1].gifwww.Indeed.com is the smart professional's tool of choice to identify market demand for your skills. Indeed.com is the Google search engine focused only on locating job opportunities . In nearly "real time", any job posted on the Internet will be located by Indeed.com. From unknown, obscure job boards to company web site job postings to Monster, Career Builder etc., Indeed.com will locate a job, within minutes of it being posted on the Internet. There is a caveat with using Indeed.com . . .

Looking For a Job is a Waste of Time
Do you really want to waste time spending hours upon days doing manual job searches on www.Indeed.com? Isn't it more efficient use of your time scheduling job interviews?

In enters the ETP Network toolbar Smart Radar. How can you verify a subscription to Smart Radar will automatically bring you customized job opportunities that match your skills?

You can test your search before completing the Smart Radar registration form by going to www.Indeed.com first. Enter your job title / skill and your zip code. Within 25 to 50 miles of your zip code, search results should return 250 or more job openings that match your skill space. 250+ job opportunities will indicate serious market demand for your skills. This is enough to validate available opportunities in your space. Now you can complete the Smart Radar registration form form with your 3 search criteria each containing 3 words or less.

This puts your customized job search on autopilot.
Smart Radar is set it and forget. You just eliminated any time spent looking for a job. Now you can spend more time scheduling interviews.

Here is an example of what a full valid programmable
Smart Radar search should be [3 search criteria each containing 3 words or less]:
"Project Manager" or "Systems Analyst" or "Pharma Technical Analyst"

(this whole search string can be placed within an Indeed.com search for verification)

Go to www.etpnetwork.com > MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS menu option. Scroll down to Smart Radar benefit and click on "start a Smart Radar subscription" link. Or click here to go directly to Smart Radar registration form.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hot Button to Follow ETP Network Twitter Updates

Now you can follow @ETPNetwork on Twitter, without having a Twitter account. Download the ETP Network toolbar. Then click on the Twitter hot button to keep up with ETP Network updates.

Below is a mosaic of ETP Network Twitter followers.

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