Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get More Job Interviews Quicker

If you really want to get excited about Mondays, this toolbar option will expedite getting more job interviews quicker. The ETP Network "Job Search 7 Steps"© was developed by Rod Colon, CEO & Founder of Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Network.

The hardest part of this simple process is being disciplined about following each step on a daily basis.
The ETP Network toolbar automates this proven process of daily job search tasks.

We challenge anyone. If you follow the
"Job Search 7 Steps"© everyday for a month, multiple job interviews per week will start to come in. The more interviews a person lines up, the more the chances of having several job offers to choose from. After using your new 30 day job search tool, leave a comment below on your results.

From the ETP Network toolbar "Tools" pull down menu click on:

ETP Network Job Search 7 Steps ©
Step 1: Identify your core skills
ETP Network Partner Resume Services
Microsoft Word Resume Templates
Step 2:Identify market demand for your core skills
Step 3: Use online and networking resources (core requirements)
Smart Radar Eliminates Looking
About Work
America's Job Bank
True Careers
Career Builder
JobWeb (new college grads)
Step 4: Find and call advocates to clarify the position
LinkedIn Company Search by Industry
Manta Company Profiles
Hoovers A to Z List by Industries
Step 5: Submit value proposition to advocate
Step 6: Follow-up with advocate
Step 7: Repeat


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