Monday, March 9, 2009

Quick Access to ETP Network Partners and Sponsors

The ETP Network toolbar, powered by Conduit, allows quick access to strategic partners. These exclusive organizations are chosen based on their services or sponsorship in supporting our members looking for jobs or business opportunities. If you want your company to exponentially extend its marketing reach globally or wish to sponsor "high impact" events, send an email to . . .

Click here, if your company requires assistance with cost effective employee outplacement services.
ETP Network's career management services limit liability and will achieve proven results for employees you must regretfully let go. The ETP Network "Corporate Transition Program" covers up to 50 employees.

From the ETP Network toolbar "Tools" pull down menu click on:

ETP Network Trusted Business Partners

MEDTalents, Inc.
PM Lessons Learned
iPower Global Solutions
Savvy Intrapreneur
Meridia Systems
Hispanic Professionals Networking Group


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