Saturday, December 13, 2008

Market Research and Get Your Bearings

ETP Network members below contributed to the latest ETP toolbar updates. Click on their names to connect, on LinkedIn, with these ETP members on the move. Click to download the world's only Career Management Swiss Army Knife with "Smart Radar".

1. Acquire company details and industry information. This is very useful for providing a high impact presentation during business meetings or interviews. Knowing the client's competition allows you to sell better with how your services contribute to improving company position. From toolbar "CEO Tools" menu select
Business Intelligence Tools > Market, Industry, Business Research Tools

2. U.S. Geographic Locator. Quickly identifying surrounding cities/towns of a potential client location is useful information. Multiple mouse clicks are usually required for Mapblast type applications to drill down on target location details. This new ETP toolbar option allows you to type a zip code. Then receive a quick response on adjacent towns to client location.
From toolbar "CEO Tools" menu select
Business Intelligence Tools > U.S. Geographic Locator
> [2 tools available]

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