Friday, December 19, 2008

News Ticker Informs, Educates and Promotes

The ETP Network toolbar news ticker serves several purposes. White text against a blue background scrolls right to left displaying useful career and business related news items:
  1. Articles published by ETP Leaders on ETP Network affiliated blogs.
  2. Calendar of upcoming training sessions and networking events.
  3. ETP Network news media press releases.
  4. Toolbar tips and FAQs published on the Career Management Career Army Knife blog.
  5. ETP Network "Landing Zone of Achievement" highlights "CEO" members who land new jobs or business opportunities.
  6. "CEO" members can also advertise a community service event or fund raiser.
  7. Career strategies published by the Wall Street Journal.
  8. "CEO" members and strategic partners can add their RSS enabled blog or web site.
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