Monday, December 29, 2008

What is ETP Network?

If you've ever wanted a bird's eye view of the ETP Network, your eagle has landed. Now you can answer the question friends and associates ask; What is ETP Network?

Brand new and hot off the press, the ETP Network introduces its newest publication, "The ETP Network: An Organizational Overview" designed, written, and compiled by Editor-in-Chief Chip Hartman and his creative team.

Quick, grab your copy right now through the ETP Network toolbar > CEO Tools >
What is ETP Network?

Think of the Organizational Overview as the ETP Network's elevator speech, condensing all of the most important information about the organization into one easy-to-read online document, designed for ease of use with just one topic per page.

If you're new to the ETP Network, here is your guidebook, your road map, your orientation package, and your pocket reference all rolled into one.

So get to know the ETP Network from the ground up. Download your copy of
"The ETP Network: An Organizational Overview" today. It's available at an web site near you.

Share a copy with everyone in your network - Do it Now, before you forget!!

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