Sunday, July 20, 2008

Toolbar Feedback from Jayne L. Wells

I loaded the ETP Toolbar last night! I really enjoy it.

My favorite feature is the email notifier, not so much to notify me of new mail, but the auto load of my email accounts (I use three). Now all I have to do is open a browser and click on which email account I want to open, I don't have to login anymore. Very cool!

The radio is nice for NPR, but I can't seem to find a station with the music I enjoy (I have to keep working on that). I like the links to LinkedIn and Indeed, plus the pull down of all the ETP Links!

I've modified the toolbar for my uses. The ticker was distracting and I wanted to shrink the bar so I could have it sit on the same line as my Google bar and still get the Radio.

Kudo's to who ever created this! They did a GREAT job!

Thanks again!

Jayne L. Wells.
Owner/Moderator of the PSGTechnology Networking Group.
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