Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4 Step Job Search

The ETP Network job search steps have been added to the career management swiss army knife toolbar. This unique 4 step process achieves results.

1. Search. 2.Identify. 3.Connect. 4. Engage.

Search. This is taken care of with the Smart Radar system embedded into the toolbar. Job opportunities come to you automatically.

Identify. Which opportunities are your skills a 70% or better match?

Connect. Click LinkedIn "hot button" from the toolbar to connect with hiring manager or recruiter, for each opportunity.

Engage. From the toolbar Business-Career Tools menu click Job Search Resources > Job Aid: "Executive Summary". Reference this document to present your value proposition to the hiring manager or recruiter. If written properly with result oriented, action words, the
"Executive Summary" helps each decision maker contact you immediately for an interview.

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