Sunday, July 13, 2008

Listen to Latest Career Coaching Call Recording

Adding the Radio feature of the Career Management Swiss Army Knife toolbar allows you to listen to the latest wekly career coaching conference call. This is an excellent "set it and forget it" toolbar feature, which allows adding the conference call as a podcast. Through the "Radio Player" you can now listen to the latest conference call any time you want. Every time the new call recording is posted, just select it right from the toolbar radio player.

First, You Add the Radio Player to Your Toolbar.
1. From the left side of the toolbar, click on the pull down menu [down pointing twistie triangle], just to the right of the ETP Network logo.

2. From the pull down menu select Toolbar Options.

3. Click the check box for "Online Radio Player" > click "OK" button. The radio player will show up on the right hand side of the Toolbar.

Second, You Add the Career Coaching Call Recording to Your Radio Player.
1. Copy the RSS below feed below.[conference call number]:[access code]

2. From the radio player, click on the pull down menu [down pointing twistie triangle].

3. Select "Add Stations".

4. In the middle of the dialogue box click on "Define your own station".

5. Paste the RSS link into the "URL" field.

6. In the "Name" field type whatever you like [i.e. Career Coaching Call].

7. From the "Type" pull down menu select Choose stream type as "Podcast".

8. Click "OK" button.

Now You're Ready to Listen to the Coaching Call Recording from the Radio Player, any time you want.
1. From the radio player, click on the pull down menu [down pointing twistie triangle].

2. Click on "My Stations" menu.

3. Click on "Career Coaching Call" menu option or whatever it was that you named your Podcast entry.

Enjoy listening to the call, as you work on your Executive Summary.

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