Thursday, May 7, 2009

Firefox or Internet Explorer Web Browser Slow

This toolbar tech tip was provided by ETP Network Leader and Project Manager, Lou Piombino.

So after you download the toolbar you notice the response time on your web browser being sluggish or much slower. From the toolbar, follow these steps to bring your web browser back to warp factor 9 [for you Star Trek fans].

1. Click on the down pointing twistie triangle to the right of the ETP Network logo.
2. Click on the "Toolbar Options" menu item.

3. Click on the "Predefined Components" tab.
4. Turn off the check marks for
Smart Radar and news ticker.

When you want catch up on ETP Network news ticker or check out your latest Smart Radar subscription updates, turn the check marks back on.


Laura Brasnan said...

Great tool :)
its amazing !!!

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