Monday, April 13, 2009

All in One Gadget for All Professionals

Batman has his utility belt. Now savvy professionals have a nifty gadget to ease the employment blues. It's called the "Career Management Swiss Army Knife". It's a web browser toolbar, powered by Conduit, which was developed by 1,300+ business professionals that are members of the ETP Network. "Although our members helped create this toolbar, I see it as a community service available to help all career professionals worldwide" said Carl E. Reid, ETP Network Chief Operations Officer.

This all-in-one gizmo allows job search, professional networking and career development from an easy to use control panel. No more wasting time looking for a job. The toolbar has a "Smart Radar" feature that brings job opportunities to your computer. Any time a job is posted on the Internet, based on your custom job skill requirements, you can apply right from the toolbar.

Want to brush up on interviewing skills? No problem. You can even watch videos from the toolbar. Thinking of relocating? A cost of living and salary calculator is built in. Quick access to and, the most popular social networking and job search websites are just one (1) click away. This gadget has so many functions to empower professionals, it has a dedicated blog with articles that provide new tips and features.


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