Saturday, November 15, 2008

Use This Toolbar to Reconnect with People and Grow Your Network

We had excellent webinar earlier today on using the ETP Network toolbar. Quite a few ETP members are now expediting their job search.

Share the ETP Network toolbar.
Use the the ETP Toolbar to reach out and connect to people in your network. So you haven't communicated with people in a awhile? Break the ice by sending them the ETP toolbar. This now opens the door for a welcomed followup call.

Consider sending the suggested email below. Modify it and insert your personality based on your relationship with each person.

Subject: "Own Your Career" With This Tool

Message Body:

Hello [Name],

Apologies for being out of touch. I came across a free tool that helps people better manage their career. It's called the Career Management Swiss Army Knife toolbar. It was developed by almost 700 members of Empowering Today's Professionals Network. I am a member of this global organization. This toolbar becomes your personal career management command center.

A cool feature of the toolbar is clicking on the yellow telephone icon. This allows you to quickly register for the FREE weekly Career Management conference call. It has many other useful features.

The toolbar has a powerful "Smart Radar" system. It automatically delivers jobs that fit your specifications to your computer. No more searching on the Internet for jobs. It even has a news ticker with the latest networking opportunities to expand your sphere of influence . To get your free copy of this excellent toolbar go to:

Please share this toolbar with people in your network. Your associates will thank you you for it.


Plug in * Charge Up * Get Connected
Free Career Management Call Wednesday 9:00PM EST
Register free for conference call number
Get the Career Management Swiss Army Knife with Smart Radar for Savvy Professionals.
Developed by Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Network Members


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