Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ETP Network TV is Online

Aligned with ETP Network teachings and suggested book readings, ETP Network TV has put together an excellent line up of shows. You can view ETP Network TV shows through the ETP Network toolbar. Click the download button to the right

Let's see . . . there's the "Keith Ferrazzi Show" on channel 1. The "Rick Frishman Show" is on
channel 2. Will Smith gives an outstanding performance on channel 4, based on Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's book "The Power of Positive Thinking". On channel 6 Scott Ginsberg gives a Emmy winning performance on the hot business topic of "approachability".

This is the type of Television the whole family can enjoy. Channel surfing is eliminated, because it's commercial free. Your computer mouse is your remote control.
ETP Network TV provides educational shows children, tweens, teenagers and young people of all ages can watch along with you.

For those with short attention spans, m
ost shows provide practical information in just a few minutes. These TV shows impact everyday living to help you overcome life's challenges, while fast tracking career and business development.

Click here to download the ETP toolbar to start watching
ETP Network TV.

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