Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Be a Networking Leader

Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Network has five (5) specific objectives (goals) that make up each member’s Career Management Plan:
  1. Find a job where passion and income intersect, which allows looking forward to Monday.
  2. Develop a career backup plan for Goal #1 (JOB)
  3. Develop a trusted network of 200+ individuals
  4. Generate multiple sources of income (not in conflict with primary)
  5. Be a networking leader
One of the best ways to be at the center of your network is by organizing events. By making things happen for other people, with coordinating an event, positions you as a rainmaker in your network. You don't have to be a professional event planner or event producer to have a successful networking event. If you have one of these resources in your network, you do want to seek their guidance and counsel.

The ETP Network toolbar provides some cool event planning tools. My favorite is the low cost, high impact tool, which allows you to promote your event on Internet calendars, TV, radio and newspapers. It eliminates the drag of going around the Internet to post your event on calendars. Some of these media include Crain's Business New York, Village Voice, Time out New York, Craigslist and many more sites.

From the ETP Network toolbar Click on the "Tools" pull down menu > Networking Events and Resources >

Event Leader Tools
Successful Event Checklist by
Event Leader Guide
Pop In to Event Leader Virtual Meeting Area
BizBash - Event Planning Tips, Trends, Venues etc.
BizBash Online
Free Subscription to BizBash Magazine (hard copy)
PRLog Free Press Release Distribution for Your Event
Promote Your Event to Internet Calendars, Newspapers, Radio & TV
Add Your Event to LinkedIn Calendar
Invite Your Friends on Facebook


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