Saturday, February 21, 2009

ETP Network Toolbar Webinar Feedback

A few thoughts from attendees of recent webinars that covered using the Career Management Swiss Army Knife Toolbar, powered by Conduit.

Spending Zero (0) Time Looking for a Job
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"The webinar last night was very informative and assisted me in reaching out to my career opportunities, possibly getting an interview and landing the right position. I would definitely recommend the
ETP methodology, the ETP toolbar and weekly conference call to any and everyone that I know if they are sincerely serious about advancing their career and/or business opportunities. Well Done." -Eydie

"I have found toolbar an extraordinary and valuable arsenal of useful utilities and information that truly automates many aspects of the job search process. Thank you for your time" -Thomas

"I use and it saves me time. Thank you for your time" -Luz M.

"It's great piece of work and so easy to navigate. Many thanks to Carl Reid for his knowledge and dedication." -Adelaida

"Carl's presentation was right on target. He touched on points clearly and didn't spend too much time on self explanatory sections. The toolbar in itself is pretty easy to use." -Mario

"It was great, I'm glad you were able to have the webinar sooner than expected. I was not utilitizing the toobar effectively. I most certainly will now. Thank you. -Diana

"The free webinar's provided by
ETP Network is a very valuable educational tool to assist in job searches. I would like to thank all the volunteers that offered their time without pay to assist the group with the uses of this wonderful toolbar. I feel that the toolbar is one of the greatest tools I have found in my jobs searches. . . . last night I learned a few tricks that may provide further assistance. Thank you for your time" -Charles

"It looks like a great tool. I look forward to using it." -Judy

"Thank you for the hard work on the toolbar. I can imagine it was a huge amount of work. Also, thank you for the training session" -Tom

"Thank you for providing such a valuable tool. I feel very lucky to be a part of the ETP Network. I will share with all my networking contacts. Thank you for your time" -Sonia


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